Get Yelled At

***Warning: This content is inappropriate for kids***
Our AI will get mad and scold you. To be clear, it is 100% written by a computer:

I Am Mad At You:

I am not the 'bad guy.' I am the guy who has to step out of his comfort zone. I believe that I know what they want to hear about you for this. I trust you. I am looking forward to hearing back. I'm glad to hear it. My mother told me she's afraid of you, because she's always been afraid of you. You are so weak. This is my mother, she knows. Now, your mother thinks it's wrong of her to say, 'If you are the bad guy, then no one will care about you.' Now, you are not. So you are not who you say you are and you are not who you say you are, and you are, yes, I am sorry but I cannot let that stand because you are so beautiful. You are so beautiful. They are not my friends. I know, just look at that image. When I was growing up, you would sit in front of me when I talked about.

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