Get Yelled At

***Warning: This content is inappropriate for kids***
Our AI will get mad and scold you. To be clear, it is 100% written by a computer:

I Am Mad At You:

You're not welcome. Go to bed. We are friends. Come in. Do you know who I am?' The crowd roared, its hands trailing down the sides of its long robes. 'You have a right to be here at this party,' read one of them, pointing out a picture of a young girl with a hand on the back of her neck. People started yelling 'F--- you!' at them, trying desperately to explain how they had got into this. Some women started crying and shouted 'F--- you!' and the other woman cried 'F--- you.' One man yelled 'F--- you!' at the crowd, looking like he had been punched in the head. She was screaming: 'F--- you. Get it now.' She had already been arrested and had been ordered to leave. There were also screams and people with signs reading, 'If you do not leave the party, we will not permit you in this house.

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