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Type what you want to see and our AI will create 4 different images for you. Note: So our servers don't get overloaded, we have a limit of 10 submissions a day per user for this page and some of the other pages on BoredHumans.com combined.

Your 4 Images Will Appear Here In Around 20-30 Seconds!

Note: To save an image to share on social media, right click on it, click "Save Image As...", and save it to your pc or mobile device. Our text-to-image generator is based on the open-source Stable Diffusion code from Stability AI and uses an API from DeepAI. By using our version of their program, you must agree to their license terms at Stable Diffusion. Both non-commercial and commercial usage is allowed but you can't use it to deliberately produce nor share illegal or harmful outputs or content. We claim no rights on the output you generate. You are free to use the images and are accountable for their use which must not go against the provisions set in the license.

Keep in mind one of the benefits of a text-to-image generator is that you can use it to create images that are artistically creative, such as "a puppy flying a spaceship". You can also stylize the image so instead of just typing "Elon Musk" you might for example use one of these phrases:
A painting of Elon Musk
Oil painting of Elon Musk
Cartoon version of Elon Musk
Anime version of Elon Musk
Painting of Elon Musk fantasy style
Painting of Elon Musk futuristic style
Painting of Elon Musk psychedelic style
Painting of Elon Musk mosaic style
Painting of Elon Musk funky style
Painting of Elon Musk Rembrandt style
Painting of Elon Musk Kandinsky style
Painting of Elon Musk Cubist style
Painting of Elon Musk trippy style
Painting of Elon Musk pop art style
Painting of Elon Musk Native American style
Painting of Elon Musk Impressionist style
Painting of Elon Musk Degas style
Painting of Elon Musk Cezanne style
Painting of Elon Musk Matisse style
Painting of Elon Musk French style

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Most machine learning programs run locally on a data scientist's PC or server, in programming languages such as Python, C++, or Java, and are not made to be accessed via a web page. We created BoredHumans.com specifically to showcase AI to the general public over the Internet.

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