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We used AI to automatically write research papers like those on and in academic journals. To be clear, the titles and abstracts for these academic papers are not real, they are 100% computer generated:

Fast Convergence Rate of Matrix Multiplicative Matrices via Random Convexity
Computing the convergence rates of Markov decision processes (MDPs) is a fundamental problem in many areas of science, medicine and artificial intelligence. In this article we present a systematic method for automatically predicting the expected values of Markov decision processes (MDPs) and related statistics in real-world datasets. The main difficulty of this approach is that it is intractable to perform fast computations of this kind. We propose an algorithm to calculate the expected value of a MDP, as well as some benchmark algorithms for the MDP. The algorithm is based on a variational model that exploits the stochastic variational approach. We also consider the problem of finding the optimal sample size for the algorithm. Based on this theory, we propose a scalable algorithm using the optimal sample size and the variational model for the algorithm. We show that the algorithm performs comparably to the variational model and provides a high accuracy in predicting when MDP data is available.

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