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Invention #144
My invention is named a "turbulent light bulb." As I am writing this, a few years ago I learned something valuable. A flashlight is a light bulb, just an ordinary light bulb. It is a very simple and simple way to make small luminescent bulbs. How do you do it? Use the basic flashlight Light a small flashlight at night. Then you can have a full set without worrying about the darkness or how the light is going to change. You can also use any combination of a light bulb with a fluorescent bulb. There are two ways to do it. Simple (lightbulbs) or difficult (lightbulbs) The simplest way is to use a standard flashlight with no lumen in it. But you do have to use an ordinary light bulb. The lightbulb will provide light to your hand, but not to your eyes. This is very hard to do, unless you use a flashlight from a very small size.

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