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Invention #711
My invention is named a light filter, which is a combination of the light-producing process and semiconductors, which is used as a source of light and is a method to reduce the energy consumption of light. I also obtained a patent for the method of controlling oscillation in a light circuit to produce a voltage at which a photon of light is emitted and a voltage at which a photon is emitted and a voltage at which a photon is emitted. The invention is based on a method of controlling light with an electromagnetic field by means of a light-producing circuit. In the light circuit, light is generated by an external source (e.g., an external light source), and the light source is a light source of light (e.g., a light bulb). With the invention disclosed herein, the invention can be applied to other types of electronic devices such as microprocessors, optical systems, and mobile devices. In one embodiment, the light source is a single cathode and cathode array that has a total current of only 0.04 volts and a current of only 10 mA (mA). The semiconductor array can be adapted to be...

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