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Invention #284
My invention is named "A Machine of Storing In A Box" which I am still hoping will help to solve some of the problems with our current system of collecting, warehousing and storing data in the cloud. In the past we have used software to store our information in a file, and for this, we have taken advantage of the fact that it is a file system. But in the most recent versions, we have used programs like RTFS to process files. In this manner, we have created a single file system (and that can be done by any other software. Read more about the RTFS architecture, RTFS, and how to create a file system here). RTFS is an open source program which has been developed by a group of researchers from Germany called the Open Data Group. The primary purpose is to create a file system at first just in the form of a file, the file system is then used to place the data, and to store an image of the location of the data (image files). So far, there have been very few files that have been created from an image file, and we will continue to...

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