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Curious how much a domain name is worth? We use artificial intelligence to instantly estimate the value based on factors such how many searches the keyword or phrase gets in the search engines, how much it costs to per click to advertise that keyword/phrase in Google, and the length of the domain. The machine learning program was trained on thousands of historical domain sales create the valuation model. For now we only appraise .com domains.

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Note: Sometimes a domain that most people would think is worthless ends up selling for thousands of dollars because a buyer needs that particular name for a specific project. So if we say your domain is worth $0, it does not mean you will never sell it, it just means it has no immediate value on the domain market. Also, although the valuations are made by an AI model, the owner of this site ( has over 25 years experience in the domain name business, so a great deal of industry knowledge was used to make sure the appraisals come out as accurate as possible.

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