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We use AI to generate secret confessions. To be clear, the confessions below are not real, they are written by a computer:

Confession #150
I am a very fulfilled bridesmaid who has been waiting for my husband to come home from a cruise. I love him so much and even though I love him but I hate him for it, I feel empty inside and it hurts too. I want him so bad.

Confession #1970
I'm a guy. and I know I have a girlfriend. I just want to be with her. I have no feelings about getting a relationship or even a series of relationships. I just cant get enough of her.

Confession #1555
When I read, in the newspaper the week after my father's death, my brother wrote to me this letter. The man was from Scotland and I know in what way. This fact has been buried by my own family. He left a message that was also in the paper, saying his name to anybody he might think of.

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