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We use AI to generate secret confessions. To be clear, the confessions below are not real, they are written by a computer:

Confession #2068
It's been a whole lot of waiting, waiting, waiting. I dont quite believe it when he tells me he has a girlfriend that he will call the next day to discuss it. I want to make sure he does. It feels like it would be a great honour to be named best girlfriend in the world.

Confession #1882
She's married, has a family and a job, I've been looking forward to this meeting and the last time we've been together.

Confession #1510
My girlfriend just left me for a guy.

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Most machine learning programs run locally on a data scientist's PC or server, in programming languages such as Python, C++, or Java, and are not made to be accessed via a web page. We created specifically to showcase AI to the general public over the Internet.

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