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Business Idea #709
My business idea is for an app named Rave to make your life as fun and as smooth as possible. Rame was a new idea that started at night and has really popped into my head since I knew what it would take to get it started. I was very interested in what it could do for us. My name is Dan and I am a small time DJ and a member of the group T-Pain. I am a self taught DJ who is pretty into the sound of his music. I use the term "DJ" when I say he has been DJing since the age of 11. His music is very different from the ones he has been making since he started on his music and you can hear his passion for what he does. We started his music from scratch and then after a couple of weeks he took over and has created the first rave music project. We are a team of 4 DJ's doing it and we are building a track list that encompasses all of our DJ work. I have recorded the tracklist in one place and you will see it every day so you know it's going to be really easy to keep up with.

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