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Business Idea #797
My business idea is for a retail store named Target and we're going to do it all in one week. If you're wondering what the retail store is all about, it's basically a store of toys, so what you see at Target is like a toy store. If you're a little bit into that stuff, you have to bring along some of your favourite toys. I want everybody to come and come on site and get a little bit excited. Target is a great store. It's great for kids, it's great for adults and it's perfect for my company and it's great for my stores. We have a lot more toys and brands than you can probably imagine. At Target, our toys go through a few different manufacturing processes. One of the very significant things is the packaging. For the first time, we are allowing the entire shelf from the back, to the top of the shelf where the shelves should be. So the shelf is actually more open, it can be narrower, it can be much wider and it will still be able to hold lots of items. It is the perfect thing for a retail company that is focusing on a wide variety...

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