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Business Idea #554
My business idea is 'Downton Abbey', which I've run for years. It's an online magazine that's sort of the equivalent of a web magazine, but it's also about life on Wall Street." "It had a lovely story but it was about the 'Big Bang Theory' and a lot more about the New York Times. And that was it. It was really fun, it was fun." "My business idea in America was based on a 'buddy' that had been given to a friend who had a really large family business and he decided to buy it, so for six months he bought 100 shares and then his wife bought 100 shares. Which is pretty interesting considering he had a brother who had recently divorced. The brother decided to move into the old, old building, which was very close to the banks. So he bought his own house, and the house was all the old buildings, and he had to buy them with his own money and then he built a bank himself. He bought all his family land. And it just looked so nice and he's very proud of that. He sold the house, and it...

Content Warning: some of these ideas for a business may not be appropriate for kids.

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