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Business Idea #571
My business idea is The Art Of The Deal. In it, you're going to take your friends to the movie theater and get a ticket for that night's blockbuster movie (of yours). So, what's going to happen? You'll get a discount, and what the first two people you meet get will get a better deal on your ticket. The best way to solve this particular problem is to have a company you know are working on something that you really want to get that discount. And this kind of thing's not going to happen with the movies. Now, if you want to give people all the information you want to get through every single movie, that's basically what you're going to see. But you'll also get to see what they're getting for your money, which is going to be really interesting. So this is a company of ours called Bovine Entertainment, and they've done a great job of this.

Content Warning: some of these ideas for a business may not be appropriate for kids.

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