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Funny/Interesting Anagrams:
Snooze Alarms = Alas no more Zs
Apple products = Support placed
Giant hornets = Another sting
Kanye West = Sweaty ken
Astronomers = No more stars
The Morse Code = Here come dots
Public relations = Crap built on lies
Vacation time = I am not active
Tom Cruise = So I'm cuter
A domesticated animal = Docile, as a man tamed it
Male chauvinism = Im such a vile man
New Year's Resolution = Only we aren't serious
The American Revolution = Unite to revile a monarch
Donald and Melania Trump = Putrid man and a mean doll
Motley Crue = Me cruel toy
Eric Clapton = Narcoleptic
Belgium = Big mule
William Shakespeare = I am a weakish speller
Garbage Man = Bag manager
The meaning of life = The fine game of nil
Soccer player = Score leap cry
Apple, Inc = Epic plan
A shoplifter = Has to pilfer
William Shakespeare = Willie makes a phrase
Bart (as in Bart Simpson) = Brat
Sherlock Holmes = He'll mesh crooks
Shower time = Where moist
Fourth of July = Joyful fourth
The US federal debt = Thered be defaults
Britney Spears = Presbyterians
Pre Calculus = Call up curse
No admittance = Contaminated
The eyes = They see
Baseball = Babes all
Amy Poehler = My pale hero
Donald and Melania Trump = Dull primate and madonna
The countryside = No city dust here
Ryan Gosling = Sly groaning
Barbie doll = Liberal bod
Achievements = Nice, save them
Astronomer = Moon starer
Adios Amigos = I go so I am sad
Television programming = Permeating living rooms
Bob Marley = Marble boy
Emma Watson = Team Womans
Hot water = Worth tea
Angelina Jolie = Age jail online
New York Times = Monkeys write
Millionaire = Limo airline
Santa Monica = Satanic moan
Elvis = Lives
Goodbye = Obey god
Conversation = Voices rant on
Statue of Liberty = Built to stay free
Debit card = Bad credit
Laxative = Exit lava
Leonardo Da Vinci = O Draconian Devil
Evangelist = Evils agent
I hate school = Oh so ethical
Jennifer Aniston = fine in torn jeans
Alien Abductions = Tabloid nuisance
Narcissism = Mans crisis
Schoolmaster = The classroom
Matthew McConaughey = A Catch Them Women Guy
Funeral = Real fun
Dancing with the stars = Winners had tight acts
Tom Hiddleston = Odd silent moth
Harley Davidson Motorcycles = Very costly old road machines
Butterfly = Flutter by
Tom Marvolo Riddle = I am Lord Voldemort
Justin Timberlake = Im a jerk but listen
Bruce Springsteen = Bursting presence
Confessional = On scale of sin
Stressed = Desserts
Vegetarian = Ate in grave
Sycophant = Acts phony
Western Union = No wire unsent
The popular hit Candy Crush Saga = Had such an urge to play this crap
Two bullets in the head = I bet the wounds lethal
Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler
A case of mistaken identity = Testimony indicates a fake
Guinness draught = Naughtiness drug
Dormitory = Dirty room
Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one
Listen = Silent
Action man = Cannot aim
Hello Kitty = Kill the toy
Geologist = Go get oils
Austin Powers = power us satin
Christine = Nice shirt
English actress Dame Helen Lydia Mirren, DBE = Desirable thing elderly men chase in dreams
James Kimberley Corden = Can idly remember jokes
Microsoft = Comfort is
The Apple Macintosh = Machines apt to help
San Francisco Giants = Fascinating No scars
Marilyn Manson = Manly man no sir
Bruce Springsteen = Creep brings tunes
Multiple personalities = Is it Pete, Paul, Len or Slim
Flamethrower = Oh felt warmer
T.S. Eliot = Toilets
Election results = Lies lets recount
Mel Gibson = Big melons
A cheap costume = Cape, moustache
The Cincinnati Reds = Indecent Christian
John Mayer = Enjoy harm
Madonna Louise Ciccone = One cool dance musician
Waitress = A stew Sir
The Cowardly Lion = Wild cat, only hero
The Rolling Stones hit 'Sympathy For The Devil' = Old stars' lengthy hymn to the spirit of evil, eh
Stairway to Heaven = It has a wavery tone
Slot machines = Cash lost in em
The Mona Lisa = Oh lame saint
Nuclear weapon = Cue one war plan
Seinfeld = Snide elf
Christmas = Trims cash
Neil Young = Online guy
Prenuptial contracts = I can plot partners cut
Beyonce Knowles = Obscenely woken
A telescope = To see place
The Titanic disaster = Death it starts in ice
The detectives = Detect thieves
Captain America: The Winter Soldier = A rapid titanic heros new crime tale
Why do you care = Hey you coward
Darling I love you = Avoiding our yell
graduation = Out in a drag
German physicist Albert Einstein = This gentleman I respect is brainy
Madam Curie = Radium came
A decimal point = Im a dot in place
Frito Lay = Oily fart
Microwave = Warm voice
A gentleman = Elegant man
Clothespins = So lets pinch
Stupid Girl = Drips guilt
Clint Eastwood = Old west action
Lil Wayne = Wine ally
Bill Gates = Get ill abs
Medicinal marijuana? = A cure? I'm in a damn jail

Our anagrams generator uses natural language processing (NLP) to try all the possible combinations of the letters in the word(s) you submit, and then matches that against a dictionary of real words to narrow it down to useful anagrams to show you.

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